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Picture story

The making of: "Bluff Trail View"

Garapatta State Park lies on the west side of U.S. Highway 1 near Carmel, Calif. About 2 miles away sits Garapatta Beach, a magnificent stretch of beach dotted with tall rocks where the rolling Pacific creates amazing waves and the sunsets are picture perfect. In between the two is an easily missed turnout that serves as the start of what hikers call The Bluff Trail.

The trail winds about a half mile above the rugged shoreline, framed in tiny yellow flowers and ice plants, providing a stunning view of the rugged California coastline that would easily seduce any landscape photographer.

We discovered this little paradise on the way to Garapatta Beach where we had planned to do some shooting. It was around mid morning, well past the when the light is soft and more friendly to almost every color.  At this time,  we encountered harsh mid-morning light and—as an unwelcome bonus—a high wind that threatened to blow my tripod down the cliff and into the waves.

Not knowing when we'd return, we decided to forge ahead, making several compositions, including “Bluff Trail View,” the newest addition to the landscape gallery on our website (www.ernestjschweitphotography.com).

The light might not be perfect and the colors are a bit strong, but I love the different textures and shapes of the scene and how the image evokes the feeling of the oceanfront that I felt that day.

Even with the less than ideal conditions, the Bluff Trail was a stunning surprise, one that we' plan to return to one day very soon, with more time to plan for better light and softer winds.


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